Re-Dsicover Brick

How It Works

What is it?
Our quarter-inch-thick pre-engineered brick wall panels are replicated from authentic century-old walls and made from sandblasted reclaimed brick. Our products affix to mesh backing for easy installation, and come in eight styles to choose from. We can also create custom designs to suit your individual style. 

Century Architexture bricks are much lighter than conventional sliced bricks, and faster to install. The sheets interlock into one another, and real mortar is used to seal the gaps between the bricks to further the authentic look and texture. Once installed, our panels are low maintenance and extremely durable. 

Eight unique brick styles allow you to pick the look that suits your space, whether sophisticated, classic, elegant or urban. The bricks can be left raw or painted for an even more personalized look. Whatever you choose, transforming your walls with Century Architexture is an economic way to add value to any room.

Where it’s best
Century Architexture wall coverings are designed for any interior, including  homes, condos, retail spaces, commercial buildings and more.